About author

Music composed and produced by Ivo Mikulić. Ivo is living and working in Mostar – Herzegovina Europe.

Joy and love of music led Ivo Mikulic from early days to create new forms of harmony, scores and arrangments.

First contact with recording studio was in Split Croatia at Vilovic studio as 12 year old musician.

He composed music for many documentaries, cartoons, pop rock songs, short forms and industry communication multimedia.

In his studio located in Siroki Brijeg, he plays violin, guitars, basses, piano, drums and trombone.

Beside music he directed and produced documentary film.

He won award in violin classic competition.

Cooperation with artist across Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany,  Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, featuring Ljute Bebe, Mom, Neno Belan, Diran Tavitjan, Vedran Križan,  Austrohungarian military forts, O2, HT Mostar, PR Award Pro pr, HRT, Beyachad, Atv, Kadar production, Miro Vidović, Morris studio, Vjekoslav Šutej, Zdenko Jurilj, Sarajevo film festival, Neum animated film festival, West Herzegovina fest, Mediterranean film festival. He lives and works in Mostar – Herzegovina.

E mail: enterbih(at)gmail.com
Linkedin: https://ba.linkedin.com/in/ivomikulic