Music broadcast and film



One music title for one end product. It means one song for one film, or one commercials. For one applications, one web site…

You can not re-sell music. In film, cartoon, or similar it is recommend to sign Music composed by Ivo Mikulic.

You can use this music, as non-exclusive licence in all over the world.

You can only use the items for lawful purposes, you can’t use the Item in connection with defamatory, pornography, obscene or demeaning material, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

You can put music in film and repeat it many times, cut, paste, extend. You can not put lyrics on it. One film is one end product. For all around the world with non-exclusive right to use.

You can loop music as you need in your one single product. You can not remix it, can not add lyrics, and put to web stores, and can not sell it as your own.

My music have no connection or conflict with P.R.O..

The Items are either Non-P.R.O. Music or P.R.O. Music.
Non-P.R.O. Music. If the Item is Non-P.R.O. Music, this means it is not registered with any Performing Rights Organizations (P.R.O.s). Non-P.R.O. Music is generally not subject to any additional fees, but it is your responsibility as a buyer to pay any performing rights fees that may apply in your country, which will depend on the rules of your local P.R.O., your local laws, and your use of the Item.